Best Hockey Helmets Reviews 2021

There is a common rule that we all know, that in any accidental situation, we need to save our head first. The most important body part is our head. So the safety of the head also comes first.

Because the head injury can actually be more serious than any other injury case. So in any fast-paced sport, we use a shield called a helmet. With hockey, you shouldn’t even enter the court without wearing hockey helmets. 

Features of the helmet: 

  • The helmet is basically designed to prevent skull fractures. So there’s padding all around the head to protect your skull from any kind of damage. It covers some parts of your forehead too.
  • Inside the helmet, there’s a suspension system as well. The suspension system protects your head from any kind of stroke made by ice or the stick or any other player.
  • Chinstrap is available which needs to get a perfect fit. If not, it will come out and fall down.
  • If there is only a fingers gap in between the person’s chin and the chin strap, then it’s a perfect fit.
  • There is a cage holder as well to put in the cage and set it. Once you have put the cage on the helmet, you need to adjust it so that you can see through it. The cage adjustment shouldn’t be like your face vision obstruction.
  • The helmet can’t be oversized, if it is then it will be of no use and it will cause vision obstruction.

Best hockey helmet suggestions for you:

As it comes to the safety of your life, you are definitely looking for the best hockey helmet. We are here to help you out with that. We got some hockey helmet reviews for you, considering the hockey helmet ratings. So choose the best one for you from all the top-rated hockey helmets.


It’s basically a helmet for the players who want protection but don’t want to sacrifice comfort at all. The model is designed to give players maximum protection and personalized fit. Got many features to provide comfort. The micro-dial gives a 360-degree fit. Very soft foam is used around the helmet for comfort. 


  • Two shells technology provides high durability 
  • Good quality ventilation
  • Very light
  • Low-density EPP got better to manage at low impacts 
  • The lightest case clips,


  • Less protection against rotational acceleration


The model increased the class of protection. This one came with Bauer’s all pleasant features and technologies. It took the protection level to the next generation. You can call this the upgraded version of all previous models. It is compressed enough to minimize all unnecessary movements.

There is foam padding to prevent unparalleled impact absorption and give a customizable lock and comfortable fit. Bended earloops for customizable and comfortable chin strap fit. It’s called a combo cause that comes with a cage attached to it.


  • Gives a customizable lock and comfortable fit
  • Ventilation ports are in a better position
  • Combo saves money


  • Increased protection level sacrificed the comfort a bit


One high-impact protection helmet comes with a basic color palette collection. One of the best-looking hockey helmets, for sure. There’s a lot of features and technologies to prevent high-impact injuries. They managed to make it lightweight, comfortable, and ultra-rigid.

That’s why it’s quite a durable one. A very comfortable liner that also provides cleanliness. There is a micro-dial for a 360-degree fit. Shell’s and liners’ balanced composition present for ultimate protection. 

Comfortable enough to wear it for an extended period. The helmet interior is specially designed to keep it cool and comfortable.


  • Effective impact distribution
  • Safeguard against catastrophic injuries
  • Foam shield for different sized impact
  • Removable flow liner pad
  • Comes with some cool color decals 


  • Not so good detailing and reported bugs 


Bauer tried their best to enhance fit,  comfort, and ultimate protection with high-end technologies. For protective gear like a helmet, it’s really important that it fits well. Otherwise, it won’t work even if it is the best hockey helmet. All the features will turn useless if it’s a loose fit.

So the basic idea was to make the helmet a comfortable fit first. This is the most adjustable helmet that Bauer has ever produced. So it easily comes in the top-rated hockey helmets.

There are so many options to customize and adjust the helmet size according to your head. Extra padding in the key impact areas to increase comfort and protection. Low-density material works better against effects and makes it lightweight. Proper stiffness for better durability and comfort.


  • Enhanced comfort
  • Maximum customizations are totally tool-free
  • Protection against low and high-velocity impacts
  • Offers a very lightweight protection
  • Good looking sleek design

Cons :

  • Little sacrificed comfort


This model replaced two older models at a mid-price point. So much technology will make any player happy. They made many changes for a customized fit, comfort, and lightweight. Good quality ventilation and tool-free adjustment is also present.

The entire system is fully ventilated, so it keeps your head cool and dry during a hot match. The variable thickness on the top shell made it lightweight but very much protected. The spring-loaded system gives a locked-in feel. It protects better from the high effects. The molded foam inside works together and gives exclusive protection.


  • Removable ear guards 
  • The occipital lock comes with 3 different height options
  • Elite performance
  • Budget-friendly


  • Basically made for the round head fit, might not fit well in the oval-shaped head 
  • Less working in case of love impact


Lightweight combo of helmet and cage. CCM came out with so many features at an affordable price. The name is fitlite, so they made the cage lighter as well. The cage is light and gives proper visibility.

The helmet will fit onto your head no matter what the shape is. Comfortable foam padding all around the key points.Collar hexagon metrics for better comfort and protection.


  • Two-piece high-density pro shell 
  • Sweet looks with a good ventilation system
  • Customizable different color sticker option
  • Two tools adjustable feature options
  • Removable ear guards 
  • Lightweight


  • Made the helmet a bit thicker


Again another combo with a pretty much basic design. But got some loving features. Prevents high impact well being lightweight and comfortable. Players need high protection in a game like a hockey to keep playing and stay on the ice. If you are looking for the best protection at an affordable price range, then this one is worth your investment.

It is the best hockey helmet you can ask for at this price level. Moisture-wicking technology is present inside the helmet to keep you clean and dry. Removable floor liner pads are available, which help you keep your helmet clean and bacteria-free. Their cleaning technology keeps your helmet odour free and gives you a fresh feel.

For stiffness, they went back to the one-piece design. The low-profile design is for making it lightweight. Introduced improved ventilation for great breathability and a dial for the custom fit of the back of the helmet. Softer foam is used more than the traditional one to have better management of the impact.


  • One Shell Technology gives the one-piece feel 
  • Ultra rigid 
  • Super durable 
  • Saves from catastrophic injuries 
  • Dial fit feature 
  • Soft foam padding for comfort 
  • Good ventilation 
  • Comfortable wear
  • Lightweight
  • Good sizing control


  • Bit lack of durability


Basic design helmet case combo to fit the larger heads. For people who are having a tough time finding a wider helmet for their head, this is the one that probably will work for them.

This one provides a bigger fit than any other helmet available in the market. The price range is within budget, so you can easily afford it. It managed to give you a larger fit but didn’t compromise the durability or any other feature.

Pros :

  • Pretty much classic designed to provide comfort and protection for your head
  • Made with durable single-density plastic 
  • Plenty of vents for proper ventilation
  • Classic triple-density liner
  • Ear covers for more protection
  • Tool-free adjustment
  • Comes with a full-size face mask 
  • A comfortable floating chin support 


  • Not so many high technology features, but still players love this


The combo offers you comfort, perfect fit, high technology, and a friendly budget. Players will definitely appreciate the look and feel of it. The whole back is movable, so get a better occipital lock.

A hard foam padding used at the back of the helmet for better impact protection. Moisture channels in the front also for giving a dry feeling all around your head.


  • Traditional foam liner base for great comfort 
  • Traditional fit in feel 
  • The foam gives a memory foam like feel 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Proper custom fit 


  • People are expecting a cage with it, but it’s not available


You can expect a lot better from the Alpha one pro series than the Alpha One one. The features and the performance got a real-time change with this edition. A nice one-piece shell design with extreme durability.

This helmet will make you feel safer on ice or on the ground. There is a moisture-wicking system inside the helmet to keep you clean and dry. Removable floor liner pads, which help you to keep your helmet clean and bacteria-free.

The cleaning technology keeps your helmet odour free and gives you a fresh feel. For stiffness, they went back to the one-piece design and the low-profile design is for lightweight features.

They have improved the ventilation for great breathability. There is a dial for the custom fit of the back of the helmet. The model used softer foam than the traditional one to have better management of the impact.

Pros :

  • One Shell Technology gives the one-piece feel 
  • Ultra rigid 
  • Super durable 
  • Saves from catastrophic injuries 
  • Dial fit feature 
  • Soft foam padding for comfort 
  • Good ventilation 
  • Comfortable wear
  • Lightweight
  • Good sizing control


  • No cage available

Cheap vs expensive:

You won’t find so many differences outside. The difference is actually inside. The number of layers, how the suspension works, how reactive it is against the effects, etc. One more important thing is fit. None of your features will work if your helmet doesn’t fit your head.

The more you play, you will find more features and options to fit the helmet on your head. You will find more layers if you pay more. The suspension will also gradually improve as you go higher with the price. So, for better protection, the money is worth it.

How to choose a helmet: 

Each helmet got a different kind of feature and adjustment techniques and technologies. Choose the right one for you, seeing the size, the cage style, ventilation that works for you, straps and paddings that you are comfortable in, etc. 

  • You need to look into the foam liner. VN foam liner has three different densities; single, double, and triple density, find a comfortable one for you and it also depends on how aggressively you are playing. There’s also an EPP foam liner that gives you a feeling like memory foam.
  • Adjustment features are really important. It mainly depends on your comfort and how you like to adjust the helmet around your head. It’s better to try a few features on and then decide which one to pick.
  • The lock system is a very important feature to notice. Every helmet won’t get locked into your head. To find out the design made for you.
  • Different people need different levels of ventilation. Figure out how much airflow you need inside. 

Safety always comes first. So don’t go for saving money in this case at least. Head injuries can come to your life. So stay safe and play amazing games. 

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