About Us

About Hockeydynast and Team 

Pretty simple and an information based website to help those people out who are into hockey and want information about equipment and gear related to hockey . 

We give our level best to provide information about equipment and gear . We also provide information about every single thing that might pop into one’s head thinking of hockey . We love hockey , so our intention is to make one’s hockey life better . We are here for you from the time you begin to play to the time you become an expert . 

Why Hockeydynast? 

You might be thinking that while there are so many websites floating on the internet , what’s so special about this website ? When I was a beginner, all the websites used to confuse me, because they used to give only the basic ideas of the product which were very basic , no using guide or after use review.  When I became a hockey expert , I just thought I could do even better.

So , I came up with the idea of making neutral reviews based on my experience. All these reviews are made all based on personal experiences only . So we can guarantee that all the reviews are honest . You can rely on them before purchasing your product . 

You can also tell that if a single expert is reviewing all these products then he might have his personal favourite product,  which might not work for you . We considered the issue and every product is reviewed by several experts , so all the reviews are trustworthy . 

Help us 

Though all the reviews are made by experts , still public opinion is very important for us . So after you use your hockey gear , please rate the product and leave a review about the product . We will consider each and every public review and will add those to our site .