8 Best Hockey Elbow Pads For You In 2020

What is the body part which hurts like hell? You may have a list of body parts. But I am sure elbow is definitely in the top 3. Some call it the funny bone. It’s because some feel funny after getting hit there (though I felt nothing except pain ever). I don’t know how many people feel while getting hurt in the elbow, but sure everyone feels the pain. This pain can be fatal during a game. While playing hockey, you can badly fall on your elbow and have a bad fracture. Which can lead you to life long arm deformation. So it’s better to use an elbow pad. Especially in a game like hockey.

Why does the elbow hurt so much?

Many of us think that the elbow bone is so vulnerable that is why we feel the pain. But that weird pain doesn’t come from the bone at all. Instead, that weird sensation comes from the ulnar nerve. Which passes from the elbow joint. It is made of sensitive fibers, so it hurts badly. And in any case, if it is the bone, that can be fatal. So it is better to save the elbow during the game.

How to choose the elbow protection:

Hockey is a very fast game. So there are so many hockey pads to give you superior protection all around your body. We will help you to choose the best hockey elbow pads for you. There are different types of elbow pads for hockey. 

  • So the first design is the soft shell design. It is basically a one piece pad. There’s padding outside and a plastic core inside. It offers good mobility but less protection. This design is famous in the entry and rec level players because of the softness and the fitting style.
  • The second design is the most common design in the market. It is an L type two piece pad, which comes with a forearm pad on the top. The pad is totally covered with molded plastic which gives high end protection. There’s a biceps guard in the  forearm pad, which enhances the protection level.
  • The third design is a three piece elbow pad and is more seen in the top or the higher end pads. It serves like the two piece design, but gives better mobility than that. Cause they have added a different segment in the middle so that your arm can lie totally flat on it.

The quality of the protection, comfort, mobility, material quality all gradually increases from the first design to third design. You can call the first design a beginner level design, second one an intermediate and the third one a pro level design. The price level also increases as you get more features.

How to size your elbow pad:

If you want the proper protection, sizing is everything. If it is not a proper fit, even the best elbow pads won’t be able to keep your elbow protected. The best way to wear the elbow protection is, the top should touch the shoulder pad and the bottom should touch your gloves. This is the most protected position for a hand while playing. 

  • The best way to find out the size of your elbow pad is to measure the area of your hand that will be covered with the pad.
  • Here is another way you can use. There’s an universal chart for elbow pads size according to your height (sometimes different brands got different size charts). You will get the perfect size using this method mostly. But we can’t guarantee that it will be the perfect fit always.
  • Sometimes different hands require different starping systems. So that is a thing to consider.
  • It is better to check the size while wearing the shoulder pad and with your gloves on. This will give you the perfect idea of the gap in between the pads. There shouldn’t be any gap in between or the glove end shouldn’t come on the pad bottom also.

Best hockey elbow pads review:

So after all the things you need to know about elbow protections, let’s get down to the top rated elbow pads suggestion for you. Amongst all these best hockey elbow pads in the market currently, we are pretty sure you will definitely find the one for you.


You can easily get that it is lighter than the previous model, so they had used the name lite for it. It is a traditional 2 piece design. The bicep guard is attached to the body with good mobility. The joint is made of a neoprene like material which will make it durable.

The elbow cap is made with Bauer’s personalized material; all foam inside. Interesting thing is, this all foam inside cap will provide you NHL level protection without any plastic. They made it that light by reducing the practice use. The material doesn’t absorb the moisture, it wicks away. Bauer made a huge upgrade by using the curv composite technology like the boot. The elbow part got nylon lock straps and the bicep part got 2 inch elastic straps. With all the excellent technologies, it is one of the best hockey elbow pads in the light pads section.

Pros :

  • Super light
  • Durable
  • High mobility

Cons :

  • People are doubting its protection because of that no plastic formula. But it offers good quality protection actually.


It is a three piece design. CCM tried something new with this design. The top bicep is still traditionally hinged. Difference is in the interaction of the form guard and liner combo’s interaction with the cup. They are hinged, but not traditionally. They got a nylon strap inside which prevents it from pulling out. Everything can move independently, that’s why you will get excellent mobility. For the first time in CCM we are seeing this rocket frame composite.

It may look familiar because it is inspired from their boot. This will give you a good wrap, protection and comfort without putting on weight on your arms. The moisture wicking technology keeps you dry and cool always. The elbow cap got a newly introduced JDP design, which ensures more safety. They got a new strapping this year well. They are calling it an arched bicep strap, which sits a little higher than the regular one. The mid and the bottom part got very comfortable nylon strapping. The quick release straps gave it a different volume. All these made it one of the best hockey elbow pads.

Pros :

  • Super mobility
  • Easily wearable and removable
  • Super comfortable due to the low profile design

Cons :

  • Best for intermediates in spite of being a 3 piece model


It’s a two piece model, the bicep guard is traditionally hinged with good mobility. For protection, there is injected plastic inside the bicep guard. High density foam for the outside. This helped reduce the weight. The elbow cap used the new JDP construction. It has the D3O foam right in the centre, which works extremely well against impacts. Medium density foam is used outside the elbow cap and high density foam for the forearm pad. The interior design is super comfortable with good moisture wicking technology. This is for the players who want maximum coverage and protection. This is something really good for your perfectly protected flexible hands.


  • Customized fit right out of the box
  • Gives a huge coverage against impacts
  • Amazing protection

Cons :

  • You can feel a slight weight after all day long practice


It is a traditional two piece construction. It has a neoprene strap so it doesn’t allow it to flex a little bit, but you will still get good mobility. This model got higher protection and lesser weight in comparison to the previous model. They have used curv composite technology in the bicep guard. They have inserted a small plastic inside the bicep guard and some high density foam beneath it. The elbow cap is a less plastic made and more curv composite. They used power light technology to attach foam to it.

So it is a totally different construction, different from the traditional elbow pads. You will see a bodysuit like technology here, which will give you better fit. The strapping system is traditional again. On the top they have 1.5 inch elastic straps and nylon lock guards in the bottom. The straps are pretty longer than usual. So this will provide you a better fit than usual as well. The entire set works together and it won’t pinch you or fall off even if you wear it all day long. There is an odor treatment process and a good evaporation system to keep you cool, dry and fresh.

Pros :

  • Excellent fit
  • High-tech features
  • Best protection available in mid price range

Cons :

  • Some are not liking the MX3 sleeves


This is actually the upgraded version of the previous model. The main upgrade is the motion protection. The bicep guard is hinged with two elastic nylon straps, so it offers better mobility in between the bicep and the elbow body. They have added a bit of flex in the forearm part also. They have medium density foam on the inside and closed foam on the outside. They used the PE technology here, which means it has an inserted plastic in between. The material doesn’t absorb, it wicks away the moisture. So the elbow pad stays dry and lightweight. Down at the elbow, you will see molded plastic construction.

You will see IX foam in the elbow doughnut. IX foam is one of the most elite level foams which can easily absorb high energy impacts. There is vent armor foam in the bottom which will increase the level of protection and it is also a breathable material. So you will stay a lot cooler and drier throughout the game. The strapping system is pretty much traditional like an elastic strap in the forearm, y shaped anchor straps etc. All these will give you a perfect fit, but it won’t pinch at all like other traditional strap systems. There is a thermo max plus liner. Which helps wicking the moisture away and keeping the setup bacteria free and odor free.

Pros :

  • High level protection
  • You can get your hand inside easily
  • Perfect fit without getting any pinchy feeling
  • Reasonable price


  • Little heavy comparing to other Bauer products

6. CCM TACKS 9080

CCM used compressed molded PE foam and D3O material. All these are going to work excellent together against high energy impacts. The bicep guard is hinged well ensuring the mobility of hands. The elbow cap has JDP technology for better protection. The strapping system is pretty good. They come with a wide range for getting customized fit. This is a pad for those who are into competing games, needs better protection but don’t want to spend so much. This pad provides a surprising level protection within this price range. This is one of the best hockey elbow pads in this price range.

Pros :

  • All the best technologies with an affordable price range
  • High protection against impacts
  • Great mobility

Cons :

  • Slight heavy
  • Weak moisture wicking feature


A basic two piece model but pretty much upgraded. They have the bicep part hinged without sacrificing the mobility of your hand. They are well enough to provide coverage where you will need. The construction has PE foam with an inserted plastic and thick medium density foam on both sides. Foams will touch your skin, and it’s mostly like a memory foam like feel. The forearm part is segmented away from the elbow cap, so it does allow easy access into it while wearing them on. The elbow cap has used JDP technology. To provide elite protection the outer plastic is extended till the forearm part. The foams are a lot thicker than the previous year’s model, to provide a better protection. They have added quick release straps.

Pros :

  • Modern features
  • Enhanced protection
  • Very reasonable without sacrificing any protection or comfort

Cons :

  • Not that durable


It is a split cap two piece design. Split cap means the PE cap does move a bit independently of the forearm and bicep guard. Starting with the bicep guard construction, it is a full hyper light foam package. It will give you full protection and wicks away the moisture. The elbow cap got an anatomical shape which provides close to the body fit and gives a locked in feel. The forearm guard is made of a thin layer of PE, medium density foam. Coming to the straps, in the bottom you will get a 2 inch nylon strap to keep the whole set up in place. You will find a mesh trap in the middle and an elastic strap at the top. The liner has featured sanitized technology so you won’t get any bacteria build up or any kind of odor. 

Pros :

  • Super light
  • Reasonable price without sacrificing the protection
  • BAUER’s signature strapping system provides awesome fit


  • Some may not like the higher profile design on the top.

So that was all for your elbow protection. We always wish your game to be smooth and injury free. So we always provide the best quality product for your safety. You can check our other hockey gears review also.

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