Best Hockey Gloves for You 2021

With sports, every body part is considered being an asset. Hands are definitely one of the greatest assets in the game of hockey. So protecting your precious hand is very important.

The hockey stick is the major weapon in the game, and you hold that with your hands. Stick handling can be extremely tough with bare hands. Plus, the flying pucks around you, stick hits can also injure your hands badly.

So the gloves are not something that you can cheap out. We are here to help you out by getting the best hockey gloves for you. You should check out our collection of all the cool hockey gloves.

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1.STX Surgeon 300 Senior Ice Hockey Gloves

2. Warrior Senior Alpha Qx Pro Gloves

3. STX Stallion 500 Senior Ice Hockey Gloves

4. WARRIOR Junior Alpha Qx4 Gloves

5. Bauer S18 NSX Senior Hockey Gloves

6. TronX Venom Hockey Gloves (Senior)

How to select hockey gloves:

The moment you type the word hockey gloves on the search bar, so many options like traditional, contoured, tapered, leather hockey gloves will come floating in front of your eyes. We are here to ease your hassle.

We got the best hockey gloves for stick handling and all the other features you need. But before that, you need to learn how to select the best hockey gloves for you, cause definitely not all will be the apt one for you. So let’s get down to the business.

We have categorized three types of gloves. They are recreational, performance, and elite level.

  • The first one is for those who are just getting into hockey or just into some casual hockey. This is the design for them. You will get single-density foam throughout the construction. So you will get great basic protection from effects. You will also get proper thumb protection as well, in case you fall on the ice. On the outside, you will get a lightweight nylon construction. For the palm, you will have a traditional nash, a single layer of leather. For the liner, you will get good microfiber to wick away the moisture. The price and durability both are going to be low at this level.
  • But if you are a bit more competitive, like playing into a higher division or leagues, go to the recreational level. This one is going to give more protection and comfort without a high price tag. The basic construction is with a dual density foam. So you will get a thin-thick and soft-hard foam combination, which will boost the protection a lot. Then you will get a plastic insert throughout some key impact areas as well. You will find a two-piece thumb for better stick handling and better protection against your fall on ice. For the exterior, you will find an upgraded nylon construction. The palm material is going to be an upgraded one. The liner is going to be softer. Moisture-wicking and ventilation system is going to be upgraded as well. The price and durability both will be higher than the previous one.
  • If you are looking for the best protection in the market, then the elite level one for you. This is mainly for pro-level players like those who play in NHL. Every single feature is upgraded here, so is the price. For construction, different companies use different supreme quality materials. You will find plastic reinforcement throughout the glove. For the exterior, you will get high-grade synthetic or nylon material. The protection and comfort level will rise quite a lot. It is going to be very durable.

How to size your hockey glove:

Sizing is very important to have perfect protection. If you are wearing a wrong-sized glove, then even the best hockey gloves will not be able to protect you.

The manufacturing companies have charts made, with which you can get the correct size of yours mostly. But if you are not satisfied with this method, then we got another option for you.

To measure the size of your glove, you need to wear your elbow pad first. Then measure the length from your middle finger to the edge of your elbow pad. That will be the length of your glove, as there shouldn’t be any gap in between the elbow pad and the glove.

There is another thing which you can do, take a measuring tape and measure the length of your palm. Multiply the number by two. That will be the size of your gloves.

Is this the right size for you?

To check if it is the right size or not, wear the glove on, look at your fingers. It should be at the edge of the gussets. It shouldn’t stick to it or stay back from it. Plus, there shouldn’t be any gap in between the glove and the elbow pad, or the glove shouldn’t overlap the elbow pad.

Best hockey gloves suggestions:

We made hockey glove reviews by the experts describing all the features and facts. We got all the best hockey gloves for you at different price levels. All you need to do is to pick up the best one for you.

1. STX Surgeon 300 Senior Ice Hockey Gloves

STX Surgeon 300 Senior Ice Hockey Gloves, Navy/Red, 14

STX has been a pioneer in designing protective equipment. They bought a revolution in the hockey industry by making superior level protective gear, so there is a lot to expect from these gloves.

As expected, there are so many revolutionary technologies in the gloves, making them one of the best hockey gloves in the market. After much research, STX came out with this anatomical and tapered design combination.

The anatomical fit to the back of the hand has increased the controlling power. The taped cuff allows for a wide range of motion, you will definitely get good mobility. You will get a hyper-lock thumb with a technology called Cable Flex. This will provide great protection, movement, and control of your stick.

You will also find open stitching in the M2 knuckle which increased mobility even more. We get to see affected-absorbing foams and hard plastic inserts in the construction.

In the liner, you will see Dri-lex moisture-wicking comfort. In the center, you will see Rima 3 Nash takes so little time to break-in. It comes in 2 colors, those are black and red.


  • High mobility
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible


  • Palm leather is a less durable

2. Warrior Senior Alpha Qx Pro Gloves

Warrior Evo Pro Lacrosse Gloves

One of the best hockey gloves in the market right now. They have constructed it with a lot of materials and made it very durable. They have used their most durable Dyna Cable technology in the gloves.

You will find Tough Tech 2.0 in the backhand, finger block, cuff, and thumb. The covert mesh will give good breathability. For protection, you will find their phantom foam package dueled into the EPP foam so it is gonna make the glove light while providing you better protection.

This is actually a helmet material. If this is good enough to protect your head, then obviously it is good enough to protect your hand. Getting into the palm, we will get to see Warrior’s pro palm in here, with a very traditional look to it. For the thumb, you will get one active flex two-piece thumb.

So it is very flexible and going to give excellent protection against hyperextensions. You will see no stretch gussets here. So this will give your fingers a traditional fit and feel. For the cuff, you will get to see the Hybrid Flex cuff. This will allow the lower part to move independently from the upper part.

This will keep the protection where it needs to be, plus this will provide a full range of mobility. The War Tech FNC for the liner will keep it fresh by wicking away the moisture nicely.

So overall, you will get a butter-soft feel and it is very comfortable to wear and move your hands in whatever manner you need to. The gloves come in black, red, and white color combinations.


  • Very durable
  • Very flexible cuff
  • Superior protection


  • It is expensive, but worth every penny.

3. STX Stallion 500 Senior Ice

Franklin Sports NHL HG 150 Junior Street Hockey Gloves

STX has been a pioneer in designing protective equipment. They bought a revolution in the hockey industry by making superior level protective hockey equipment, so there is a lot to expect from these gloves.

This is a design for those players who are looking for responsiveness in a glove with next-generation dexterity and control. It is a wider volume pair. This appeals to those players who choose to have a more traditional fit profile. The fit profile is, it is tapered in the finger and gets wider in the back of your hand.

The M2 knuckle gives it a next-generation control. This stitching system allows having more control over the stick wearing the gloves. Another exciting upgrade from STX is the cable flex thumb.

For developing the cable system, they mimicked the human thumb anatomy. So the thumb will have better control than ever. STX can be new in the gloves zone, but they are surely ruling the market by providing outstanding quality products.

If you are a regular brand like Bauer and CCM’s user and looking forward to trying a few more brands, then definitely try it. Surely you will look forward to these STX ones in the future.


  • Pro-level fit
  • Good control
  • Full of new technologies


  • Might feel a bit heavy in the beginning

4. WARRIOR Junior Alpha Qx4 GlovesFranklin Sports Hockey Gloves - NHL - 11 Inch - HG 150

Looking at the exterior, you will find an upgrade with Tough Tech 2.0 material. Nice stretch nylon is also in the top back to provide good flexibility and breathability right out of the box. You will get a traditional fit feel as well. As far as the protection is concerned, we will get to see thick medium-density foam there. The backhand’s been upgraded with injected inserts.

For the cuff, there’s high-density foam up top and medium-density foam below, providing ultimate protection in that area. The big upgrade in the thumb area. There is a 2 piece AXI flex thumb for better protection and mobility.

The fingers are also 2 piece construction, made with medium density foam. Moving into the palm, there’s a very soft touch to it. The material used in the palm is very breathable and stretch. The liner is pretty traditional and moisture-wicking technology is pretty good.


  • Very much protected cuff
  • Upgraded thumb protection and mobility
  • Broken in feel because of the segmented design


  • I expected the anti smelling technology to see the price line

5. Bauer S18 NSX Senior Hockey Glove

Starting with the exterior, this is a nice poly mash material, with good breathability and durability. For protection, you will see medium-density foam here with some plastic inserts at the key point (side of the backhand and fingers) for solid protection.

For the cuff, the molded medium density foam is used. The thumb is made with Ergo Flex, this is going to be a one-piece thumb. The palm has an extra layer on the high wear parts. It is going to be a traditional nash palm here.

Hydrophobic mesh material is used for the liner here. It is well enough to wick away the moisture. Segmented cuff design assures mobility. 2 piece finger design also helps to increase mobility a bit.


  • Solid protections
  • Durable palm area


  • Sacrificed flexibility

6. TronX Venom Hockey Gloves (Senior)

TronX E1.0 Ice Roller Senior & Junior Hockey Gloves (12 Inch)

This is one of the most affordable hockey gloves on the market. The ballistic nylon pro knit gave the gloves maximum flexibility and durability. The dual-layer in the palm and gussets gives a premium feel while wearing.

The construction with single density foam and 1 mm plastic inserts in a few points. A decent moisture wicking system and tapered fit-in are also available.


  • High mobility
  • Tapered fit
  • Very affordable


  • The protection system is not so impressive.


We have seen hockey matches played on wheelchairs, but no matches without hands. So it is very clear that hands are superior. It is important to give proper protection to your hands. Get the best hand protection for you. Because an injured hand can take you out of the rink for months.


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